What is shocksocs gaming section?

A new section for 2019 that includes access to 24/7 gameservers that we think members will enjoy playing on.
Despite the fact the gameservers are hosted by Shocksoc anyone is allowed to join/play and infact we even encourage it.
Current plans for servers include Minecraft (Vanilla/Modded) & Factorio. These are on a kind of trial period before anything else is released.
If you would like to apply for a staff role on one of our servers then please send us an email or contact Joe Butler (profjb).

Discord (voice & text chat)

Discord is a platform that allows you to communicate over voice/text chat in discrete channels.
These channels include those dedicated to coursework, gaming, memes etc... To join fill in the discord request form on the front of the site.


Server i.p:

Minecraft (Vanilla)

As of 19/10/19 the server is no longer whitelisted. Anyone is free to join.

Server i.p: mc.shocksoc.org

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