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Why do we collect your name and email address?

All you do by providing your name and email is simply give us permission to reply to your email and also allow us to make sure you are a member of shocksoc by referencing your email and name against our records of current members.

How is my data transferred and stored

All emails are sent to the official [email protected] email account directly through googles external SMTP protocol which encrypts the data using the TLS protocol (see below) keeping it safe during transfer.
No data is stored locally on the site. Discord links are deleted immediately once a reply is made and emails from the contact form are deleted once the query is believed to have been
resolved. The only exception is if we need to keep your email for reference for some reason. In which case we will always ask for your permission and if denied the email will be deleted anyway.

What about fake emails/users using a shocksoc email address as an alias

No one outside the university will ever recieve an email back as it requires a email address. No one outside the shocksoc member records will be sent an email.
If a user sends an email on behalf of another member without there consent the message will still be sent to the user but once it arrives the user will usually deny they have sent it.
In this scenario if requested, there email can be blacklisted against recieving any further requests from any forms on the site to prevent spam. Note that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and if definitive proof is provided that an email has been sent in this way from a another user a further review may be sent to YUSU or the student body president of Electronics.

What can I include in the contact form message

Be aware that everyone within shocksoc leadership roles will be able to read your message from the [email protected] email address so make sure to use common sense when structuring your messages.
For example you shouldn't include any sensitive information such as passwords, your student id number or your address in the contact form.
We will never request this kind of information. As a user it is your responsibility to check this.

What is SMTP, SSL and TLS? Will it keep my communications absolutely secure?

STMP stands for 'simple mail transfer protocol'. It is a system designed to send electronic emails between servers.
SSL and TLS are encryption protocols that ensures a fully secured communication for all data exchanged.
These systems are widely used to ensure fully secured communications over the internet.

General Privacy Policy for the site

Your privacy is important to us. It is Shocksoc's policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you across our website,
We only ask for personal information when we truly need it to provide a service to you. We collect it by fair and lawful means, with your knowledge and consent. We also let you know why we’re collecting it and how it will be used.
We only retain collected information for as long as necessary to provide you with your requested service. What data we store, we’ll protect within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
We don’t share any personally identifying information publicly or with third-parties, except when required to by law.
Our website may link to external sites that are not operated by us. Please be aware that we have no control over the content and practices of these sites, and cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy policies.
You are free to refuse our request for your personal information, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired services.
Your continued use of our website will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around privacy and personal information. If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.
This policy is effective as of 25 September 2019.

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